A Positive Thinking Movement!

My personal philosophy is simple.

Always be a positive influence in every person you meet!

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My verses are dedicated to the never-ending power of you!

Leader's number one responsibility to make other leaders

When lightning strikes, we never ask where it came from,
simply knowing it missed us is enough.

When we surf the web across our planet, we must always remember the power of words, the power of vision, the power of you! Now go make a difference!

Life is an Alternative Motive,
so live life to the fullest!

Treat every human encounter as a job interview.

Live Life Rhetoric Happens

Is the time and wisdom of people who desire to build bridges across all language boundaries.
Treasured Memories Inspire tomorrow's dreams
Successful Marketing
Successful marketing is a two fold experience,
First is colorful theatrics
and the
Second is results!
3 C's of Change
Cause, Courage, and Commitment

Inspired by the CMI "Bottle Necks" Kaizen Team

The 3 P's of Success

Persistence - To never give up; even when it seems hopeless.

Patience - Take your time to understand the issues even when schedule mandates and emotions run high.

Passion - Be passionate in everything you do. Create the enthusiasm in everyone you come in contact with!

Do not envy someone who is more successful than you!


Because success is not a singular event. But something that can be shared by all!

"Visibility increases sustainability"

"making money becomes an option when - visibility drives revenue, nurtured by good business relationships"

An expert is a person who has the passion to learn.

Six Rules of Success

1: Commitment is your bond.
2: Leave nothing to chance or guessing.
3: Wake up everyday and say something positive to a minimum of six people.
4: Honesty over Bull.
5: Success is everyone's privilege.
6: Share success, don't be selfish, plenty of success out there for everyone.

"We spent so much time perfecting the communications, we forget the message".

"Momentor" is a person who is a counselor of current reality.

"the key element for progress is knowing when to stop asking questions, & start learning"

An expert is a person who has the passion to learn.

Heartfelt Passion
Heartfelt passion is the highest common denominator fueling and delivering perfection!
Human variability is the original constant.
Business Leadership

A business owner who is a mediocre leader is always disappointed in his employees.

A business owner who is an outstanding leader is always inspiring his employees.

True leadership is earned, reflected, fair, and transferable in all directions!


Our wonderful world drives us towards YES.

YES propels us to great and even greater prominence.

The ultimate positive starts with a simple three-letter word, "YES."

Traditional Consultant Vs Non-Traditional Consultant

A traditional consultant drives the client to the consultant's culture...

A non-traditional consultant meets at the client's culture and improves it, by one inspiring moment after another!

"Think Confidence & It Just Happens"

Total team's combined reality motivates and drives positive performance.
Change is the engine for success.
Experience is the fuel.
he problem with business procrastinators is, procrastination will always over shadow any goodness you accomplish. Don't procrastinate! 24 hours in a day, Just Do It! (JDI)

Business Relationships
  • Business success begins with relationships.

  • Business relationships are always in some form of transformations.

  • Transforming from business to friendship.

  • Business relationships may come and go.

  • However, friendships are forever.

  • So make a friend and watch your successes grow!

Rhetoric Debate very seldom wins the business contracts, however, Rhetoric Agreements do!

Institutionalized Transformation = Cultural Sustainable Change (CSC)

"It's the people stuff that makes all the difference!"


Scheduling is not a resource issue, it is a leadership issue.

Creating the scheduled tasks is only as effective as the leader's ability to motivate.

Creating the desire to get out of bed and get the job done is what a true leader does!


Success becomes the by-product when improvement solutions are developed at the source

"true mutual respect has no age boundaries"

In a Lean World Class Company
"Visibility increases sustainability"

Holistic approach to grow & change a business culture has four distinctive inter-active components.

1) Standard Hours vs. Resource Hours (Staffing) "employee utilization efficiency must be calculated daily/hourly as change occurs"

2) Purchasing Education (Buying Smart), "buying more for less is always possible if we are aggressive, relentless, and never satisfied"

3) Quoting Education (Sales Leadership) "this drives the company, we must be relentless in adjusting to our market or markets"

4) Internal Business Cost (Cost Reduction Leadership) "never satisfied with reducing cost"

We often take internal business costs for granted, reducing and creating efficiency with a holistic approach leads the battle for total business health.

Driving people towards perfection in an imperfect world is what we do!

Self is influenced by rediscovery, the natural by-product becomes amazing possibilities, resulting in sustainable success!

Wisdom + Knowledge + Love = Heightened Infinite Success -HIS-

-HIS- Inspired by the Reverend Martha Daniel of LA
Our intent was to free people, what we did is create a Nation! How about the AMERICAN PARTY, perhaps it is time?

Change can only fuel the engine for a short distance, to dream beyond the future is the perpetual fuel.

Simplicity is common sense; complexity is the politician's life line!

Collective knowledge resulting from different points of view has no boundaries as long as we open our minds to all the possibilities both inside and outside our perceived normality. In a progressive society, normality is the obstacle, and sustainable prosperity results from having no perception of normality at all. Hence, no limits, and infinite potential is within your grasp! Pietro Savo - American Writer

My verses are dedicated to the never-ending power of you!
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